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General Questions

Who Can Benefit from Permanent Makeup?

Any active person, man or woman, who has a concern for their appearance may benefit if they have fading brows, or an imbalance or a scar. This is so easily repaired and can look totally natural. Usually people will not be able to tell the brows are tattooed on instead of real hair. Anyone who has a hard time putting on eye makeup, due to far-sightedness or unsteady hands can benefit from permanent eyeliner or eyelash enhancement. We can apply a natural looking liner that is neater and finer than one could ever get with regular cosmetics. Permanent lip-liner and shading can be used to correct scars, or overly narrow lips, and to enhance the color which fades as we age. Lip color can look as natural or bold as you wish. Scar tissue as the result of accident, or surgery can be camouflaged with permanent makeup techniques. In some cases scar tissue can actually be relaxed as a result of tattoo technique. Aureola restoration also can be done for mastectomy patients.

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup, (also known as micro-dermal pigmentation) is a tattoo process. Pigment is implanted into the dermis (the second layer of the skin) using a sterile probe. Pigment can enhance natural features, restore lost color due to aging and hair loss, or help to correct scarring or misshapen or unbalanced features.

Is It Really Permanent?

It is considered permanent, however, fading will naturally occur over time due to sun exposure and individual differences in skin condition and health. Most procedures will require color boosts from time to time for best long-lasting results. Colors can be changed or altered somewhat at that time. Certain procedures have a tendency to need renewal more often than others. Eyebrow hair simulation for example requires such a subtle use of color that it is more subject to fading.

Is It Safe, and Doesn't It Hurt?

Universal Safety Precautions are always followed. New needles and pigment are used for each client each and every time. Greatest care is taken for the health of BOTH client and practitioner. We do our utmost to reduce any discomfort through the use of topical anesthetics and by making each procedure as quick and efficient as possible, and by keeping you informed at each step of the process.

Is It Expensive?

For the benefit of the boost to your self esteem and the convenience you will experience, no it's really not very expensive.

Eyebrows $325

Eyebrow hair simulation is used to create very natural-looking brows, 3 subtly different shades in fine hair lines. Very satisfying results! Eyebrows are our most common procedure as eyebrows make such an enormous difference to the face.

Eyeliner $325

Also known as "lash enhancement" - this involves pigmentation placed into the upper and lower lash bed for the look of thicker lashes. Great for those who don't want the look of "eyeliner", suitable for both men and women. For a dramatic look of classic eyeliner, a thicker line can be implanted. This procedure can be done mostly with the eyes closed.

Lip-liner with Blend $375

Can be a very subtle look or more dramatic. Restores healthy color lost due to aging, also can create a fuller look or repair a scar or imbalance in the lips. Much can be done with lip-liner and a generous shading to create the look of "just a touch of lipstick" that never smears or comes off.

Full Lip Color $450

The next step beyond Lip-liner with Blend … However we have so much success with the lip-liner that very few have opted for full color.

Beauty Mark $75

(free with any other procedure)

Other Procedures (prices vary)
  • Hairline and scalp scar repairs
  • Aureola & Nipple Color
  • Color Correction
  • Saline Color Removal

You are entitled to at least one free touch-up within 6 months. Some procedures actually work better done in two sessions 6-8 weeks apart (at no additional cost). Our goal is your complete satisfaction!

After six months there is a charge for re-coloration or color boosts.

  • Eyeliner or Eyebrows $175
  • Lip-liner $200
  • Full lip color $225
  • If you have already had our Lip-liner and wish Full Lip Color, you will pay only $225 for the procedure.
Consultations, After-Care and More …

A consultation costs nothing. You are in charge of your permanent makeup procedure. You will fill out a complete consent, and before any procedure you will be informed full of what will happen and you will be able to have input on how the end result will look before and during the process.

You will receive complete instructions on how to care for your permanent makeup. Be aware that new permanent makeup always looks MUCH darker and bolder than it will after healing. You are entitled to a touch-up or color correction before six months.


Suzanne Shepherd has more than 15 years experience with decorative tattooing, custom, design, tattoo repair and coverup. Training in Permanent Cosmetics was done with Susan Church CCP, Director of Education for the International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics in December, 2000 in Irvine, California.

Continuing Education in Infection Control for the Body Art Practitioner and Compliance Solutions International.

Suzanne also has a Masters Degree in Social Work.

I have been wanting permanent eye make up for too long, made an appointment with Suzanne and started the process today ... the experience was excellent in a weird way (odd sensation having a tattoo on your eyelid) ... Suzanne was excellent, highly informative and extremely patient! I am looking forward to seeing her many more times as the years pass ... thank you, thank you, thank you :0)

Carol S.

Is It Right For You?

There is more to tattooing than hearts and flowers. The incredible convenience of permanent makeup can make the difference between feeling bad and having the self confidence of a normal appearance. "Makeup" is really not the right word, it should be called permanent aesthetic enhancement.

According to my 79 year old mother permanent makeup means waking up in the morning looking about 20 years younger with color in her face and not having to worry about sneaking a lipstick out when she’s having lunch. It means not having to worry about messy lipstick lines or a shaky hand with the eyebrow pencil, or not being able to see to put on eyeliner or having the embarrassment of putting on too much makeup because it is hard to see how bright it really is.

Technically speaking, permanent makeup is ‘microdermal pigment implantation with a single or multiple tip sterile probe.’ In other words, it IS tattooing;-- a special type, usually done in a salon setting by technicians, or in a medical setting associated with plastic surgery, or sometimes by tattooists with special training in addition to their years of experience applying decorative tattoos, such as in our case. Prices, experience (and quality) are all over the map. One could pay from $200-$1000 for a single procedure which usually needs recoloring after a few years.

To find a competent technician, visit their salon or studio and look at photographs of their work. Don’t just go with either the lowest price (or the highest for that matter!). Trust your instincts and get comfortable with the person first, see if they can provide contacts with satisfied customers. Ask if they use an autoclave sterilizer and universal precautions for disease prevention.

Eyebrow hair simulation is the single most effective enhancement for many people of any age from 18 to 80 or more. Tiny brow hairs in at least 3 shades are tattooed on to look just like natural brows that won’t wipe off or smear. Scars or unbalanced or faded brows can be corrected.

Eyeliner is the next most popular, actually "lash enhancement", which can benefit men or women. For those who don’t want a made up look, a very subtle series of tiny dots are inserted into the lash line. This can work wonders even for people who have lost all their body hair due to illness. A more typical "eyeliner" look can be achieved with a thicker continuous line.

Lipliner with light shading is wonderful even for those who don’t want a lipstick look. It can subtly change the lipline, making it fuller, more balanced, more pleasing in shape, correct a scar, or simply to give a little color when one awakens in the morning.

We have also done camouflage between hair on the scalp to hide scars from surgery, accident, or war injuries. Also, for the post-mastectomy patient, the appearance of natural nipples and aureolas can be done. Corrective pigment camouflage helps burn survivors and cancer patients or those with birthmarks, injury or pale spots. Something to keep in mind is that melanin in the skin darkens in the sun, whereas the camouflage pigment will not. Sunblock should be used.

Some technicians say you will experience only "mild discomfort" (when a doctor says that-- watch out!). Topical anesethetics do minimize pain. The uncomfortable part of these typical procedures should last no more than about 20 minutes. The benefit to be gained is worth it!

Eyebrows are least painful, followed by eyeliner, which can be applied with the eyes closed by the way. For a lipliner or full lip color you can get a dentist to give you a shot of novacaine, but most people do without it. Lips and eyes can be quite puffy after a procedure. Ice helps reduce swelling which can go down in a matter of hours, or may remain for a few days.

There are all kinds of questions you should ask, such as how a permanent makeup procedure might work for you, or whether your skin would bruise too much if you are taking blood thinners, or whether you can have an MRI (yes you can) or what the pigments are made of, or can you get touch-ups for free within a certain period of time. It's a lot to think about! But DO think about it.... permanent cosmetics could give you a new lease on life!

Suzanne Shepherd
Primeval Ink Tattoo (Olympia)